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“The Water Never Looked So Cool!”


One evening, Jaclyn Wachter and her husband were speaking about inventors and inventions!  Jaclyn’s husband said to her, “Come up with a simple pool item the masses will buy!”.  With that said, Jaclyn woke up one morning, not long after their conversation, and said I got it! “The Original Designer Noodle™” was created, trademarked, and patented. Jaclyn, being a mother of three very active kids, instantly knew that The Original Designer Noodle™ would be a hit—it is attractive and safer to use than the traditional pool noodle!
Jaclyn’s creative passion and constantly evolving sense of imagination has helped bring her product to major stores like Dylan’s Candy Bar, Lester’s, and Denny’s Childrens Wear.  With brands and stores inquiring daily, be sure to request or see the The Original Designer Noodle™ soon!
The Original Designer Noodle™
  • Since its creation, pool noodles are consistently one of North America’s top selling water toys every year
  • The average pool noodle falls apart so quickly; sun damage, every day play, plus babies and children are always biting and putting the ends in their mouth
  • The Original Designer Noodle™ is manufactured with a spandex cover that protects the noodle and aids in the prevention of environmental damage and discourages children from putting the noodle in their mouths
  • The Original Designer Noodle™ is eye catching with colorful designs, pictures and graphics
  • The Original Designer Noodle™ can depict the hottest brands and images thus appealing to a broader market; it lends itself to everyday, seasonal, promotional, licensed and unlicensed opportunities
  • The Original Designer Noodle™ can be given out at sporting events, amusement parks, picnics, children’s parties, etc. It will increase the number of pool noodles sold annually — millions noodles are sold worldwide every year
  • You’ll will never want another pool noodle once you see The Original Designer Noodle™

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